Programme for Adults

Sports play an important role in an adult’s life. Whether it is for following your lifelong passion, picking up a new healthy hobby or for attaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, we at the Sports Hub Academy are driven to provide world-class facilities with the best trainers in the industry. We currently offer training program in Swimming.

Swimming is not only the best way to get fit but also a life-skill. Learn swimming in our temperature controlled indoor pool and Olympic-sized outdoor pool to enjoy and learn the art of swimming. Registrations Open.

SWIMMINGTuesday To Friday6:00 TO 7:006000
SWIMMINGTuesday To Friday7:00 TO 8:00 6000
SWIMMINGTuesday To Friday18:00 TO 19:00 6000
SWIMMINGTuesday To Friday19:00 TO 20:006000
SWIMMINGSaturday and Sunday7:00 TO 8:303000
SWIMMINGSaturday and Sunday8:30 TO 10:00 (LADIES)3000
SWIMMINGSaturday and Sunday17:30 TO 19:003000
Visit us at: Reception desk, Travancore Gymkhana Club
Gate no 4 , The Sports Hub Greenfield International Stadium
Karyavattom , Thiruvananthapuram 
Contact: 0471-7105000 / 9072944375
Payment Terms And Conditions:
  • Fees once paid shall not be refunded.
  • Coaching fee payment MUST be made on a quarterly basis in advance.
  • For new admissions, classes start on the 1st or 15th of every month.
  • Batches will be maintained only subject to minimum enrolments and the management has the right to change/ withdraw a batch if it finds inevitable to do so. Under such circumstances, the enrolled student will be accommodated in another preferred batch available.
  • Fees should be paid latest by 10 days within the due date.
  • After 10 days, a reminder will be sent every 10 days. Coaching will not be provided after two reminders.
  • For child programs, the fees collected will be for a quarter and their attendance will not be considered a criteria for calculation of fees.
  • For adult programs the number of sessions or the expiry of the batch validity, whichever is earlier will be considered.
General Rules and Regulations (For Parents):
  • In matters concerning coaching and admissions, the discretion of the coach shall be final.
  • Our regulatory obligation for players is limited to the period of the lessons. All other responsibility is clearly and only on the parents. Parents have to inform their kids not to leave the trainings area before and after the training. We do not take any liability if a player leaves the training area without permission.
  • Parents can share their feedback/ grievances if any in the contact numbers provided. A parents meeting will be held in every quarter at which they can interact with the coach and learn about their child’s progress.
  • Parents, relatives or friends will not be allowed in the training area during the sessions.
  • Parents are encouraged to see that the child comes to the sessions without fail unless which the progress of the training will be hampered.
  • Parents are to intimate the coach if the child will not be sent for the session on a particular day.
  • It is mandatory that all requirements in terms of attire etc as communicated by the coach is adhered by the student.
  • The Academy authorities and coaches would not be responsible for any injury that may take place during the hours of coaching and matches.
  • The Academy reserves the Right to Change the timings / days of the classes as per season/emergency. This will be informed to the parents through sms/whatsapp.
Rules For Players:
  • It is mandatory that players be on time to the sessions. Late entry will not be entertained unless the coach has been prior informed.
  • Use of the mobile phone is strictly not allowed at the academy.
  • The student will be responsible for their own things and respecting those of others. Respect use of the facilities, furniture and equipment of the academy.
  • Respect to the sport, fellow players, coaches and all adults is to be exhibited at all times. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • Please show gratitude to anyone who helps or attempts to help you.
  • The Academy reserves the right to expel any student without any notification, who doesn't follow the rules & regulations.

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