Academy Code of Conduct


Participants Code of Conduct

While at our regular program, you will learn and practice new skills and be expected to be a team player and work hard. However, our first priority is that all of our participants enjoy their experience in whichever sport they are enrolled. We will work hard to ensure that you feel comfortable in your environment and we will teach you everything we can to help improve your skills. But, you too are responsible for helping to ensure that you and others in your group learn, improve and have fun. Even if you’re only at a camp for one week, you are a member of a team for that week and as a team member you will be expected to respect other participants and work together to make the most of your time here. We ask that each participant read the following code of conduct and to follow it throughout your camp.

As a participant, I will:

  • Show respect for myself, for others in my group and for staff members
  • Be the best teammate and friend that I can be to others in my group
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship during drills and game situations
  • Pay attention to my instructors and learn from them
  • Work hard to improve my skills
  • Be accountable for my actions and accept the consequences, positive or negative, that may result from them
  • Do my best to have FUN!!

Thank you for choosing to join The Sports Hub Academy!


Note to Parents

Thank you again for choosing The Sports Hub Academy programs for your child. Our staff wishes to work together with you to ensure that your child gets the most out of our programs. Please take the time to review this manual and do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or comments.

Parents Code of Conduct

As a parent you will quite possibly have the greatest influence on your child’s overall camp experience. By getting involved, showing interest and being positive you can help to ensure that your child enjoys their time in whatever camp they are enrolled. We ask that, every parent must read, and abide by, the following parents’ code of conduct:

As a parent of Sports Hub Academy participant, I will:

  • Encourage my child to demonstrate good sportsmanship (on and off the playing field)
  • Place the emotional and physical well-being of my child and the other participants above all else
  • Support staff members and instructors and provide constructive feedback in a respectful manner
  • Expect and encourage my child to treat other participants, instructors, staff members and parents with respect at all times
  • Be on time when dropping off, or picking up, my child from the camp
  • Do everything I can to ensure my child and the other participants enjoy themselves and have fun at their camps.

We believe that it is the responsibility of all parents, instructors and staff members to ensure that each participant gets the most out of their camp experience. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and thank you for choosing Sports Hub Academy program for your child.



Our programs are participatory in nature and do not require participants to undergo any formal skill evaluation in order to register for the introduction programs. Each participant will be given an equal amount of attention from our instructors and equal playing time in any game situations.

Facility usage

All parents of participants of indoor sports are requested to drop the participant at G floor of club house 10 min before the session start time. Our support staff will take the kids from G floor to the respective sport area at B2 floor. For swimming, our attenders will help the participants with dress change, pre – post showers and drying them after post shower
Beyond G level is considered as exclusive area for Club members and only Member’s will be allowed. Security has the rights to verify the identity of all the parents entering and deny entry to those who are not club members


Parking is available adjacent to members parking area near gate 4.

Cancellation / Refunds

CANCELLATION POLICY: The Sports Hub Academy reserves the right to cancel any program due to low registration (<10), unforeseen circumstances or conditions that make any such activity unsafe. Notice to participants will occur immediately after the registration/course cancellation deadline.

REFUND/ WITHDRAWAL POLICY: A full refund or credit will be granted under the following conditions:

  • If the program is cancelled
  • 50% of the program fees will be forfeited if canceled within 15 days from the commencement of the quarterly program and 100% of the program fees will be forfeited afterward.
Payment mode(No additional charges for swipe and online transactions)
  • Payment Gateway
  • POS swipe at the club reception
  • Cheques/ Demand draft with additional 100 INR as a convenience fee
  • All prices are inclusive of GST
  • No payment adjustments if coupon code not applied at the time of payment

Payment Cycle

  • Quarterly for Introduction Level
  • Bi-monthly for Development & Intermediate Level
    • Payment received between 1st day & 15th day of a month will be considered to be in the first half monthly payment cycle
    • Payment received between 16th day & 30th day of month will be considered to be in the second half of the monthly payment cycle
  • All payments should be made before 5th of the payment month
Weather Policy

All outdoor Sports operate rain or shine. Please bring your children to camp with weather appropriate clothing, footwear and gear. Sports Hub Academy reserves the right to cancel scheduled activities, due to weather and substitute weather appropriate activities.

Lost and Stolen Property Policy

Please do not bring your valuables to camp. The Sports Hub is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please take a moment when picking up your child to be sure that they have everything that they came to camp with that day. Lost items can be picked up at the Sports Hub Security desk. If turned in items are clearly marked with your child’s name and your telephone number, our office staff will try to contact you.

Medical Emergencies

If a participant has any pre-existing medical condition (ie: allergies, diseases, severe injuries, etc.). In this scenario, we request you to send the note with participant. This will aid in determining the severity of a possible medical situation and assist any responding medical personnel. In the event of a medical emergency during a camp, it will be left to the discretion of the instructor(s) on scene to determine if more advanced medical care is required. Should transport by ambulance be required, the cost will be the responsibility of the participant’s family. All first aid and medical emergencies, regardless of severity shall be documented by Sports Hub staff.

Absenteeism Notification

It is the responsibility of the participant, or a guardian of, to notify Sports Hub Academy staff if their child is going to be absent for any portion of their camp.

Pick-up/Drop-off / Sign out Procedures

Entrance and exit will be allowed only through Gate no 4. All pick-up and drop-offs for any camp will held at designated camp locations. Indoor games at Travancore Gymkhana Club Ground floor, Football at J sector, Cricket at Sector C. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to obey Sports Hub parking regulations at all times. No Child will be allowed to the leave the campus alone. Else need to submit a signed letter from the parent/guardian for the same.

Safety on and off the playing field

It is the responsibility of coaches to determine that any field/facility is in a safe condition prior to commencing activity on that field/facility. As well, all program participants, instructors and staff members will be required to act in a safe manner on and off the playing field. Sports Hub reserves the right to suspend participation to anyone acting in a manner that is deemed to be unsafe.

Drugs and Alcohol

Parents, participants, instructors and staff members are not permitted to possess, consume, or be under the influence of, drugs and/or alcohol while participating, attending or working at any program venue. There is a zero tolerance policy and anyone found to be under the influence, or in the possession of, drugs and/or alcohol will be required to leave the venue immediately and will be suspended from further participation in Sports Hub Sport Camps.

Filing a Complaint

Any complaint filed against another participant, another parent and a Sports Hub staff member shall be brought to the attention of the Sports Hub Academy Customer Care Department (academy.ksfl@tenvicsports.com) and will be dealt with accordingly.

Cancellations/Field Closures

Should any condition exist (ie: inclement weather, major event on campus, statutory holiday, etc.) that may indicate the need for a cancellation or field closure, please check our website before bring your child to camp that day. Also the information will sms’ed/emailed to all parents

Game Prerequisites
Common items to be bought
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Game appropriate clothing
  • One pair of Whites tracks and T shirt (used during practice matches) on other days can wear any sports wear
  • Sports shoes
  • Abdomen guard
  • Football boots
  • Shin Guard
  • Indoor non marking shoes are must and those who are wearing non marking shoes from home and coming will not be allowed to enter the court as it must be worn exclusively inside the sports hall
  • Badminton racquet
Table Tennis
  • Indoor non marking shoes
  • Table tennis racquet
  • Indoor non marking shoes
  • Squash racquet
    No Specific requirements
  • Head cap
  • Swim suits
  • Goggles (not mandatory)
  • Towels
    Indoor non marking shoes
Please Note: Shoes needs to be exclusively be used at stadium only. Hence we request our participant to report in flip flops/ others as per their comfort and then change the footwear before and after the session.
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