About The Sports Hub

The Sports Hub, Trivandrum is the new benchmark in the landscape of sports infrastructure in India. Built over 37 acres, it is a completely integrated sports and leisure complex, the first of its kind in India. Ambitiously envisioned, meticulously planned and executed, it is all set to become a landmark on the world sports map. A true marriage of form and function, it is designed and planned to not just become the first choice for hosting national and international sporting & entertainment events, but also an active hot-spot for the city of Trivandrum. With numerous avenues for entertainment and social engagement for the entire family, including an international standard clubhouse and a vibrant retail enclave, it will be an active social destination for all 365 days of the year. It is a glorious tribute to the sporting excellence and rich cultural history of Kerala.

It is here that truly Life will meet Action…. every day.

The centerpiece and pride of the entire complex is the ICC and FIFA compliant cricket and football stadium. It has been designed to provide an international quality experience to the hosts, the performers as well as the viewers. The Stadium at the Sports Hub is designed in accordance with the “Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds

It meets every safety, fire, access and comfort norm as stipulated by international bodies, yet providing a fantastic and uninterrupted view to the spectators. Thus, it is a perfect setting to host any sports or entertainment event.

Key Highlights of the Stadium
  • Seating Capacity : 50000
  • VIP seating : 4000
  • Seating for the specially-abled : 500
  • 31 Corporate Boxes
 North Pavilion
  • Cricket Player Facilities
  • Media Facilities
  • Broadcasting Facilities
  • Corporate Boxes
  • VIP seating & Lounge
 South  Pavilion
  • Retail
  • Food-courts
  • VIP seating
 East Stand
  • Football Player Facilities
  • Corporate Boxes
  • VIP Lounge
 West Stand
  • Corporate Boxes
  • VIP Lounge
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