Kerala: God’s own playground


Behind the swaying coconut groves and palms, beyond the pristine backwaters and besides nature’s bounty lurks Kerala’s rich and diverse sporting culture. With a much-storied history in marshal arts and inventive dance forms, this state has always stood for an active lifestyle and a competitive spirit that has given rise to many icons. From the snake boat races of Allepey to the unflinching passion for soccer, Kerala has always been a great patron and host for sporting activities of all kinds. All it needs is quality sports infrastructure. The Sports Hub, Trivandrum, endeavors to provide world class sports training and hosting facilities that would not just be the pride of Kerala but of the entire nation. Today Kerala is not just the most literate state in India but also one of the fastest growing, with an annualized GDP growth rate of 12%. The stage is set for a sporting revolution; time to get Kerala its due recognition on the sporting map of India.



Trivandrum City has over 1.1 mn residents, with a distinctly youthful and sports loving profile. Kerala receives an inflow of over 600,000 tourists every year, growing rapidly on the strength of its natural beauty, ayurveda, and cultural heritage. It also welcomes a sizeable number of non-resident Indians on a personal or business visit, every year.

Trivandrum is ranked #1 for Housing and Transport development per survey of cities conducted by India Today in 2013. The per capita income, has risen by ~8% between 2011-12 and 2012-13. The proportion of non-food expenditure, an indicator of purchasing power, is higher in Trivandrum when compared to rest of Kerala at 71%. Trivandrum is also well connected to Middle East through its well-to-do expat population

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