Great stadiums across the world, which fall even in the category of “Olympic” class, have a history of neglect, misuse, and degeneration. This makes such massive investments a cause for concern at a time when “Sustainability” is the buzzword. This is precisely what made The Sports Hub, Trivandrum invest much more than what the Government of Kerala mandated it to. And, this is also what is making us initiate a slew of measures that would ensure that the stadium will be sued by the one and all, in addition to mega events in sports that can be expected.

As the first step, the Sports Hub Trivandrum, comprising of the Trivandrum International Stadium and its adjoining facilities, today launched “The Walkers Club”. From today, the Sports Hub starts its journey to make this a “People’s Stadium”.

The Walkers Club is a membership Club aimed at promoting walking for health. The six-meter paved road around the stadium gives 750 m of free walking length. Add to this the distance from the Parking Lot to the Plaza, the Walker gets around 1000 m long track to walk as he likes. The unique advantages of Sports Hub offer are as follows:

1. WALK WITHOUT FEAR: An area free of vehicles or other hindrances so that you can walk without the fear of being hit by passing vehicles.

2. WALK LOOKING AHEAD, NOT DOWN: A level walking the track to give you the comfort of a confident next step!

3. WALK IN THE MORNING, WALK IN THE EVENING: Walking facility in the morning and evening.

4. WALK IN SHINE OR SHADE: Since the rising sun and setting sun gives a shade on one side, walkers can choose to walk on the sunny side or under the shade.

5. WALK AND RECHARGE: Rest benches, refreshment kiosks, and health drinks will be made available so that the walker can not only work out but also cool down and socialise with fellow members.

6. WALK IN OXYGEN: The best air quality that you can get in Trivandrum.

7. WALK TO SLEEP: A dreamy breeze, all around the year, that would make you want to be there forever. You may even be tempted to do your Yoga in one corner!

8. WALK WITH US!: IL & FS enrichment programs that will give you more value that you can imagine, for your membership!!

The Sports Hub is in discussions with KSRTC for running special buses to and from the Stadium to enable the Walkers to come to the Stadium in the morning and evening to spend an hour. An appreciable number of Members from the City would create the critical mass needed for us to roll out unbelievable schemes in association with KSRTC. In the process, we would be helping even KSRTC create history. Wait and watch!!

The Membership comes with a nominal management fee. Join The Walkers Club. Today! Be the first to grab the Complimentary Starter Kit.

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