The centerpiece and pride of the entire complex is the ICC and FIFA compliant cricket and football stadium. It has been designed to provide an international quality experience to the hosts, the performers as well as the viewers. The Stadium at the Sports Hub is designed in accordance with the “Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds”. It meets every safety, fire, access and comfort norm as stipulated by international bodies, yet providing a fantastic and uninterrupted view to the spectators. Thus, it is a perfect setting to host any sports or entertainment event.

Key Highlights of the Stadium

Seating Capacity : 50000
VIP Seating : 4000
Seating for the specially-abled : 500
North Pavilion : Cricket Player Facilities
Media Facilities
Broadcasting Facilities
Corporate Boxes
VIP Lounge
South Pavilion : Retail
East Pavilion : Football Player Facilities
Corporate Boxes
West Pavilion : Corporate Boxes
VIP Lounge
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