Sports Hub Academy

The Sports Hub Academy is the center for sports excellence at for grassroot and talent development in India. The Academy is an endeavor to provide state of the art sports coaching in an international level sports infrastructure set up. We have developed programmes for both children and adults to help them reach their full potential.

Academy for Children

The Academy grassroot level programmes are scientifically designed to help train and mould your child into a wholesome and successful sportsman. Along with the world-class facilities offered, our linear series of training programme levels enable children to improve their skills by folds as they progress across multiple levels including Introduction, Development, Intermediate, Emerging, Advanced and Professional. We currently offer training programmes in Cricket, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Squash and Chess ...
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Academy for Adults

Sports play an important role in an adult’s life – whether it is for following your lifelong passion, picking up a new healthy hobby or for attaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Whatever your goal maybe, we at the Sports Hub Academy are driven to provide world-class facilities with the best trainers in the industry. We currently offer training programmes in Swimming, Squash and Table Tennis ...
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Our Coaching Partners

The Sports Hub is currently partnered with TENVIC- a Sports coaching company founded by legendary cricketer Anil Kumble and former National Table Tennis Champion Vasanth Bharadwaj. With over 35,000 students who have been part of various coaching programs across multiple sports,TENVIC is a leader in the field of sports coaching. TENVIC is on a mission to take sport beyond the field into schools, boardrooms and everyday lives of people

Academy gallery

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