Let me express my pleasure in acquiring the chance for my son to be trained under what I believe is an excellent set of coaching staff.
: Manu C K
: Sports Hub Academy
: 30 April 2018

To start with, let me express my pleasure in acquiring the chance for my son to be trained under what I believe is an excellent set of the coaching staff.

My Story First

I took my son (Devadathan) once to watch an ISL football match in Cochin and that is when I realized that he has some interest in the game. I started searching for an option to try to check if he has some interest in playing the game. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any options nearby ( I stay at Pothencode, around 10 km from Kazhakootam). I checked with one of my colleagues who has a membership in Sports Hub and as per him they used to provide football coaching earlier but not anymore as you want do not want to disturb the turf and pitch created for cricket. Personally the only game I prefer to play is Cricket, however, don’t like destroying one game for another.

This is when I heard about Summer camp while I made a visit to Sports Hub as part of an official requirement. I don’t want to miss this chance and had my son join the camp. Now I identified that he is very much interested in playing football, but again back to the same question what next? To be frank, he might not be able to continue with the play of interest, if Tenvic and Sports Hub decides not to pursue the coaching.

Below is what I think about the football coaching provided by Tenvic academy in Trivandrum Sports hub.


  • A personalized touch even though with a large group of kids.
  • Coach and his assistants know what they are doing and whom they are coaching
  • An appreciable way of teaching the skills on a personal level
  • Coach keeping a good relationship with the kids making them wait for the next day for practice
  • Feedback to parents on individuals, as the coaching staff keeps a close eye on what each kid is doing.
  • On a personal note, My son was quite slow when it is about body movements. Now after a months session, I see considerable improvements in him including the speed at which he can run.


  • Only negative I can think is what next. Now should I wait for next vacation to continue my son’s coaching?

I would like to request on behalf of most of the parents I meet at Sports Hub, this coaching MUST continue. Any effort from Tenvic and Sports Hub to continue this coaching even after Summer Camp would be greatly appreciated by me as a parent and fan of this sport.

Name of the Student: Devadathan M
Batch: 8:00 to 10:00 am

Thank you,

Manu C K

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